Welcome! Here at I.B.S. International, we know how difficult it can be to find top-quality folding knife parts that match your original designs. That’s why we make sure to keep a full stock of all products every day. In that way, you will never have to go searching store to store for what you can find here at better quality and much more affordable prices.

I.B.S. International understands how fragile folding knife construction can be. You have to have precision and patience, but most of all, you’re going to need the products that will give you the results you deserve. For 25 years, I.B.S. International has been that reliable source for all knife supplies and making materials. Now, it’s your chance to see what we have in store.

Drill bits. Pouches. Pivot pins. Washers. Stop pins and screws of every kind. These are just a few of our favorite things at I.B.S. International. As one of the first providers of micro-screws, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another place that puts as much pride into their work and extensive selection as we do.

Feel free to take a look around the site. Our photo gallery will show you examples of parts you may be on the lookout for. Which, we’re here to tell you: The search is thankfully over.
For any additional information, please contact I.B.S. International today!